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Start by sharing what you have in abundance and in light of three principles: no privacy, no ego and no greed. 

Stay Natural’s Belgium  centre is spreading Natural way of living in collaboration with Plukrijp since 2015.


This is a learning center for permaculture running successfullly since 2007. This association is based on the principle of free donations and is a pilot project to offer a solution outside the conventional world where money is central. Generosity calls for generosity. We host a few hundred visitors, interns and volunteers a year. People from all walks of life interested in a new way of living are welcome. In our experience the volunteers that are ready for it have called their visit to our farm an eye-opener. Our is a life change experience For more information please visit our website: www.plukrijp.be
In our experience nearly all of our volunteers have called their visit to our farm an eye-opener. We strongly believe that in our universe travelers benefit from "carrying" other people and being carried by their peers; our volunteers come from all over the globe and this international mix has proven to be educational for everyone; creative sparks tend to fly when two worlds collide. We have created an atmosphere where a change in paradigm away from so called Western values makes more sense.


Location: Schriek (Heist-op-den-Berg) Belgium. Bus 520 from station of Mechelen - bus stop "Schriek Langstraat" walking distance. Nearest Airport: Brussels


We are open all over the year


caravan, dome, tent, ...many possibilities

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