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Stay Natural centre in Goa is a sort of cultural exchange .People from around the globe live under one roof  exchanging their life experiences and other cultural activities..All live as one family.



STAY NATURAL GOA is all about Natural beauty.....Beautiful Beaches .......when you walk down the beach and feel the breeze and the dip in ocean and meditate then you feel out of this world....The moment you connect with beautiful pious nature the very moment you are lost in the warmth of the universal love..light music rolls down your ears liking whispering and saying "come here forget your worries and enjoy your life..."   Relaxation of body mind and soul..is what stay natural Goa provides you with. We aim to create a family feeling in our commune..As a stay natural family ,members get a chance to come closer to nature and know its worth ,also we promote natural way of  healings, natural form of eating habits so yoga meditation ,naturopathy , yagya and eating good is what we try give at our commune.  


Arambol, Goa You can take a taxi from airport can contact for the direction at +918826738038


From November 15th to April 15th every year.

Places Near By

Arambol beach, Sweet lake, Ancient temples etc....



# Handicrafts, gems, and yoga accessories are available at our centre at minimal price. # We offer group and personal services like yoga, meditation, massage, vedic Astrology and Card reading, Past life regression etc. # We offer several workshops where you can learn Indian Cooking, Traditional Indian wearings, Vedic Astrology, Angel Connection Workshop etc.


Our commune house is just like a home, our home includes Shared rooms with bed, bathroom, kitchen, internet, electricity etc..we cook and clean together. We are Stay Natural Family,GOAAAA :) volunteers stay at free will donation..we welcome donation because we are raising funds to take the concept of stay natural

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