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Date(s) - 21/09/2018
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

C - 93, Basement, GK 1


As a soul we all are on the different path but have a same destination…We as a soul are using this body as a vessel to fulfil our accomplishments to move further on our path.But we are not alone , lots of help is provided by God as he wants to see his children growing in a beautiful way.

Their are spirit guides ,our soul council ,Angels, and other higher beings to guide us in the best way to move on our path uninterrupted.BUT Universe works on the FREE WILL of all.Universe will not force any kind of help on us unless we have a free will to choose and ask for help…First we need to ask and then we should be open or receptive enough to allow that help or guidance in our life…If we do so then undoubdtly we will be moving on our soul journey in a much better way.

This workshop is all About Arch Angels world and how to connect and get help & guidance in our daily life so that we become a better person and handle our life in a much better way..

Angels are the beings of much Higher Energy Relm than Earth.They are much more powerful loving beings than us.They know us ,our life and what is good for us .Angels are available 24*7 every tiny moment for us, the only requirement is their wait for our free will and permission to interfere in our life so that they can render their help and guidance to us so as to make our life more comfortable in such a way that we can walk our life purpose in a much better way.


Sometimes we demand for a thing that is not good for us and we are ignorant of the truth but Angels never mistake they know what is good for us…All that they want is that they want the best for us.They are assigned these duties by God to help not only humans but every single being and our planet as well.

So what are you waiting for , let’s connect with the Angel world and invoke them in our life to get a better picture of our life path and make our life more easy.


# You will connect with Arch Angels…Seek Help from them much much powerful energy than angels.And how various smells of natural oils are associated with them..

# You will learn How to connect with Arch Angels(Higher Energy and much more powerful than Angels) and get help from them in your daily life.

#You will learn how to work with healing energies of Arch Angels  so that you can do Healings (physical emotional,situational) for yourself and for others).

# You will learn how to take direct messages from arch angels and masters through AUTOMATIC WRITING.

# You will know how to do DAGGER PULLING(Get rid of any tantra bandhan or any kind of negativity attached to you or your loved ones)

# You will learn how to get your problems and queries solve by Angel Tarrot Card Reading.

# You will learn How to manifest your deep desires through LILY BUDS.


# Most important you will learn how to get attuned with your soul ,your sub conscious mind so that you can get more clear view of your soul journey in this life.
And there is no limit to the benefits….But all you need is to get that experience in person not by mere reading this article.

A Beautiful life is waiting for you… But your Free Will is required to welcome it…
Decide what you want…Do you want to continue with the life pattern going on or you want to change the way you are leading this life…
Be Ready To Change Your Life……Angels are waiting for you to say YES…..

Note: Home made Meals will be provided during the workshop.

Stay Blessed

Angel Connection with Cosmic Healer Vimleshwari .


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