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CULTURAL PROJECT Cultural projects of Stay Natural are associated to revive lost cultures. Every region has there own ancient traditions and cultures…their food ,folk music ,folk dance, clothings etc..Our projects are working in the direction to revive them by encouraging them so that they are not lost.. More the people involve from different regions as a volunteer the more easier it vl be to make this project successful..

Our planet is very beautiful and it’s beauty lies in unity in diversity…As we can see although planet is one but at almost every 200km the culture, the language ,the food habit and tradition of human species changes…But that dose not mean we are different from each other or we must hate each other..difference in tradition and culture can’t be judged as one one superior to other…
Beauty lies is unity in diversity..Stay a Natural believes in the exchange of 5he cultural…as it will bring people of different regions together and feeling of love and respect for others culture will develop.
Our cultural exchange program has a motive to unite human kind and respect and understand each other’s culture…