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Advanced Angel Connection workshop is for those who has already done level 1.
In this workshop you will learn
1)how to work with Arch angels and ascendant masters…how to invoke them using various oils and crystals.

2)You will learn Automatic writing which will involve Angel and archangels to use you as a channel to give messages via writing their message and guidance on paper .

3)you will learn manifestation power via yellow Lilly.

4)Also this workshop will help you to understand your God gifts of psychic powers and how to work on them to increase them so that it becomes easier for you to understand universal messages and signals and work with Cosmic energies.

5)you will learn how to use Angel tarot cards.

6) Dagger pulling

Duration : 16 hours (2days workshop)

Timings : 10am to 05 pm(each day)

Energy Exchange : 12000/-INR

What you will get

Breakfast/Lunch/evening snack.
Angel tarot card & Spread sheet.
Crystal related to your energy.
Relevant stationary as required.