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AKASHIC records are the records of individual soul since the day one it started its journey.. it is stored in AKASHIC Record Book place in AKASHIC library of the universe.Each and ever moment lived by the soul ever is in records.Soul has the permission to access these records whenever it wants..so that it can help soul to resolve its present life issues and much more so that its further journey can be made better.Through Akashic journey this is possible that you access your past lives.In this workshop you will learn how to access your akashic records as well as of others if and when require..It’s a beautiful journey for you so that you as a human can help yourself to move further on your soul path and can resolve various issues of your present life as well…

Duration: 16hours (2 days workshop.)

Timings : 10am to 05pm each day.

Energy exchange : 8000/- INR

You are provided with Break fast/Lunch/Evening tea.
Along with relevant written material and stationary.